Saturday, May 25, 2013

MY A MoMMa (Chicken MoMMa that is)

so exited I Got me some lil chicks, they have grown so fast. I have four wyandottes One silver laces( the lil black one) A Golden laced ( the LiL tan an brown) the My 2 Blue Laces reds ( there the lil grey blue) then i got the a lil coop


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LoVe HiM FoR WHo He IS

Now a day there is all these ideals that man an women has of each other, man look at super models an think we should all be zeros. O but ladies where just as bad, looking at man that are nice an fit. We have this idea of the perfect man or woman we want and either wait all out life for him/her or we try to chance out partner to fit that mold he want for them. We should remember the resons why we wanted to be with them in the first place. an love them for how they are.

Being crafty

Im just getting around to posting this, so for christmas i made my secret santa partner a jewelery rack out of a rake. who doesnt need something to hang there long necklesses on, the jewelery boxes ive had always get them tangled an knoted no matter how clean an organized i keep it. Im so making me one. i just used burlap ribbon an wrapped it.

Lunch for today

Garlic bread smothered with jalapenos, kale, bacon an so creamy smoked cheese