Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my LiL Garden

So for a cpl years i been wanting to have a garden, My family are big gardeners so i grow up around fresh food an my finger tips, an ive just not had the room for it till now. I got my hubbie to put together a raise veggie bed cause the ground were we are isnt the best it sandy an dry an full of rocks. so i figure the best thing was to raise it an fill it with good dirt.

I started my lil seedling, in a green house container. ive got bell peppers, lettuce, chives, bussle sprouts, theve started to spout up. Can't wait till there big enough to put in the ground.

Ive got a lil rubber made container with all my seed in it, ( ssshhh! dont tell anyone it not tupperware, lol) an a lil garden bag with all my tools an gloves, im already to start getting my stuff in the ground there nuthing i like better then getting in there with my hand an plaing with the dirt, so i dont even no why i have gloves, lol.

In the Left side I've planted spinach, the Brussel Sprouts will got in beside them wen there big enough, in the Middle I've planted 5 mato plant( 2 Early Girls, 1 100s , 2 Green Zebra) And a Eggplant and as soon as the Bell Peppers are ready they will go in there. In the right side I've planted Rainbow Carrots an the lettuce will be on both sides of the carrots. I heard Carrots and Lettuce like each other lets hope that was right.

I've Planted 2 Strawberry plant in hanging baskets. I've not done strawberry before so i hope they we get alot from them, the hubbie scarfs the them wen wen have them around. hope he will leave them till there ready.I aready seen him looking for some. lol.

So here is the start of what i hope will be a great summer of fresh veggie that I get the best of.


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