Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New year, A New house, A new State

Well its been a wial since ive posted anything, since my last post Weve packed up our thing an said see you later to calie, My Dog has since pasted after 12 year of having her. We've went home On leave an been resationed to Joplin Mo for recruiting, we are slowly but surely settling in an unpacking or should i say I am Cause the Hubbie is working 6 day a week. but it ok do i realy need him in the way wial im tring to figure out were i want everything. Not real, hes just make it a lil more frustating.

we live in a lil town of a gravel road outside of joplin, so its a lil in the country, not that joplin isnt smack dab in the country anyway lol. The propery was bot out an house were buit but it us to be a small dairy farm, the old barns an buildings are still behind out house. there is still a man a block over, if you want to call it that, that still has his farm an his cows get alot in the summer. so im filling right at home with nature around us an a big yard so i can plant my garden in this year. Im supper happy bout that. Hubbie is enjoying it also cause there is a patch of woods that behind the house an he can go sit in the old barn an hunt. i having to get us to the cold winters again since were us to that calie weather. so mornings i get up an i thing i should just run away back to calie it was much warmer, an then u pull up my big grl undies an suck it up. we dont have as much storage as we had in our town house but Ill make it work, ill rig something up, Im the Mother of all ppl who rig things, lol.

I love to bake an cook an now i have the kitchen to do that in, tones of cabnet space, an lots of counter space. this house lets lots of nature like in with all the windows it has. I cant wait till it warm enough to open them up in the summer. I now have a front porch you can actualy sit on, it covered so i can sit out side with my book an enjoy the rain.

The ppl on our street are real nice i have a ladie that is retired Army that lives next to me an she gardens also, there are a few familys with kids an a older single man who lives across the street with his dog ginger, they call him the mr fix it. He will get out there some days on his lil pink an green moped with coveralls on an constuction reflecter vest an a hard hat an take off down the road, lol. but he is a sweet man.

I havent got anything realy decor right now so an stuff still staked up but as soon as it looks a lil more desent ill post pics.


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