Monday, March 15, 2010

a LiL insight to the Inside.

My name is Whittney also as NeeNee. I'm Married to my Best friend an high school sweet heart. been together since 02 an married since 05. My hubbie signed his life to Uncle Sam. so now the USMC ownes us. We have A dog named Lacie, No kid yet. Were from a small town in southern Ohio. Im a big family person my family is my world, so it making a lil hard cause were so far away. Thanks goodness for cell phones. So a lil about myself . I grow up on my familys farm. I love flowers, fresh food an even meat, we had our own black angus cow. Man did we ever get a reality check wen it was time to go shopping, meat is so expensive. an we spend so much at the store cause we like our beef.
My Mom an my sis are my best friends.this pic is from A trip to New York we took indec of 08, we left on a a grey hound on friday night. we arives Sat morning we arived at a rest stop right outside of New york to freshen up an change. Got into New york city at like 6ish that same morning. stayed all day till a 11pm an got home sunday morning, we enjoyed it so much spending time together, we make it a yearly thing.

I love to Cook, if it is something that might be a lil hard, i a determent to make it work. I also like to experiment with food. I love to just get random stuff out the pantry an the frig an make something. I love pumpkin so wen fall comes around I cook anything an everything that i can add pumpkin to. LoL. I also adore southern food, that is my fav. I like to make stuff myself, everyonce any again ill be lazy an dont want to cook so ill us jard or caned or frozen sauses or veggies or fruit. I Now have a new interest in jaring, an caning my own stuff. Now a days there is so much crap in caned foods at the store . but i would enjoy my on perserves.

I love the outdoors, out here in calie its nice all year round an most people would like that. Not me, I like having 4 seasons. Fall is my fav. Out here the leafs dont change, well there is a couple trees here an there but not like home, OMGosh It is beautiful. I like all the rich colors the browns, oranges an deep reds. A lil be4 fall i start decoration, with the pumpkins an leaves. I hit up every pumpkin patch around here, i love the cool crisp air it brings an the food like soup an stews all the one pot meals it such a romantic time of year. Cuddle on the couch with my hubbie an snuggle.this is wen the Pumpkin start coming around and Adam is so sick of it, but he has a hole year to recover be4 he has to eat it again. I also love the rain it refreshes the air an it makes everthing so green.i just love it all.



  1. I enjoyed reading about you. I love Southern food too. I'm a military wife of 13 years (Army, though) :) I look forward to your future posts.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for being my newest follower at Our Pumpkin and a Sweetpea! I have shared the love and now follow you as well! THANK YOU for the sacrifices that you and your husband make for our country, in our home it does not go unnoticed.