Monday, March 29, 2010

the Hubbie An I

So were military, we live away from family an friends weve gown up with. So it like we start all over again. we have to make new friend wen we move. It hard to keep them cause we move so much. the relationship most ppl make in a couple year we have to fast track it was by the time u get close, order come up an ppl have to move somewhere else. it hard to keep in touch with ppl.

Adam an i have been together since high school we started dating the summer before my 10th grade years. We dated all thought high school, he was a year older then me. Since weve been together Ive always none that adam wanted to go in to the Marine Corps. The day after he Graduated he left to go to Bootcamp. It was hard cause we have never spend more them 3 day with out seeig each other. It was summer an i was out of school it was a boring summer, alot of letters were writen with no respones, i thing i might got like two the whole 3 months we was there. i so glad wen school started back up cause i could spend time with friends an sport started back up. It took my mind off him a lil bit cause i was so buizy. About a month in 2 school i took off A a friday off. My inlaws, Aaron (adams best friend) , my mom and I drove down to see adam in Boot camp Grad in parris island. i was so exited an nerves. my stomac was doing flips the day we went to see him. he looked so differnt. it was to wierd seeing him it was like i was meaning him for the first time again. We Got Engaged dec of 04 after he finished his MOS school. There was no date set cause i was still in school an He had oders to japan for 2 years. we were not married yet so the orders ur unacompanied, witch mean I couldnt go with him. So that ment not seeing him unless he was able to build up leave time to take leave. we spent more time apart I wasnt very happy bout this. but its not like i have a say so.

In Jan of 05 he get oders to hawaii to become an atachment unit. In feb. i go to see him. we had tlk about waiting till he came back for his upcoming deployment but we deside to before cause we would benefit from it more.we were getting married the 30 of april the day off adams birthdayso i only had a week to plan, but it turned out beautiful an different in its own way

A month after he left for afgan for 7 months. then wen to oki japan til nov of 06.

Weve been i calie since Dec 06. we're stationed San diego county at miramar. we lived out in town for a year or so. i ready didnt mean a whole lot of ppl. i kind of keep to my self cause i realy didnt no anyone. When we first moved out here we found a church to go to. everyone was real nice an we made friends with ppl there. that was the only friends we had out here an they treated us like family. there was a couple mil. couple in the church. so it was easy to boned with them. The situations in live that the mil. brings you a regular person dosent real understand.

we lived 15-20 min away from base so i wasnt realy around the military atmasefer. its wierd cause most ppl if ur not in the miliarty or have been around it dont realy realize it but the military has its own lil world. we could live on base an not ever have to live for any reson, everything is right there.


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