Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Outing with The Hubbie

So the hubbie has been working alot lately. He gose to work early an them get off work just to come home an work at home to. there is not real time for us here lately so we deside we needed to take a lil trip away. with living on a military base there is no getting away, if they call you, you come in. so we took a trip to the mountains for the day.

It was an unexpected trip, the night before we wen to a friends house to play card the night before. we got home about at 12 that night an desided we werent gowing to go to sleep we re gowing to pack a breakfast S/W an make coffee an we heading to Palomar Mountain to watch the sun rise. It was in the low 30s an there was frost on the ground an ice on the trees

We Drove so far up there we wanted to be able to enjoy it, luckly we kinda know it was gowing to be cold so we could actualy get out an walk around. i love nature so i was taking it in. All 5500 feet of elevation. there is something so peaceful about being away fro the city an out it the country. Thats the way God intended for live to be.


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